App for executive officers only

By Invitation only platform
designed to connect CEOs

What’s CXO Bank?

CXO bank is a platform exclusively for executive officers
(such as CEO, CFO, COO. CTO. CMO, or CHRO) or those in higher positions.
The platform establishes a win-win network that connects CEOs and others.

How to use CXO Bank

Daily, we recommend to you
3 carefully selected members.

They have qualified in the accumulative items: market, position, scale, and word of mouth.

Start chatting after your match

CXO’s matching system is different from a traditional matching system where both parties need to be interested in each other to start chatting. CXO is a direct networking service that allows you to see who is interested in you and connect with them directly. Check the CXO bank app everyday and connect with other CXO members around the world.

New Businesses
born from CXO Bank

A community consisting of only executive position members enables for moving everything much faster.
It is also community where you can find clients or even a M&A partner.

Capital tie-up & Business partnership

Gives opportunity to meet and talk to executives that are a potential to your M&A partner or alliance company of your company.

Expansion of Sales

Great chance to meet the CEOs that are a potential customer to your business, goods, and service.

CXO Recruiting

It allows you to do head hunting or scout by contacting directly to executives who you are interested in.